Ryker Gets Jacked Off

Ryker is one of the sexiest straight guys I’ve filmed to date. He’s a construction worker and he arrived with paint on his clothes and a bit dirty. He took a hot shower as I setup the lighting and cameras, then came out smelling fresh and clean! As I started filming I could see Ryker was nervous, but also extremely hard from the moment I hit record! I couldn’t resist but to touch his cock (to adjust it for still shots of course) and every time I did I could feel his cock stiffen a bit more in my fingers. I finally got up the nerve to slowly start stroking his cock after adjusting it, being sure to film the action up close, and to my surprise he said he was about ready to cum! This is one of a few videos I have of Ryker. After editing they will be released soon. For now, enjoy Ryker’s first encounter jacking off in front of the camera.


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